The hands-free alternative for opening a restroom door

The "Hands-free" alternative for opening a restroom door.

The Footpull goes on the bottom of public restroom doors and allows the user to open the door with their foot instead of their hands. This alternative method for opening the door prevents the person from having to touch the door handle contaminating their hands upon leaving the facility. It is easy to use, safe for all shoes and sandals, requires no electricity and is easy to install.

Thousands of Footpulls have been installed in schools, hospitals, restaurants and office building public bathrooms across the US and Internationally.

With a 99.95% approval rating, the hands free Footpull is truly a remarkable piece of public restroom door hardware.


What is it made of? 

It is an aluminum casting made in America and 100% recyclable. It costs a little more, but 
is a quality made product with American materials and US proud.

How do I order? 

Please contact one of our distributors to order the Footpull hands free door opener.

 If you would like to be a stocking distributor of Footpull, please contact us.   US and all other country distributors are welcome.

What does the Footpull kit include? 

When you order a Footpull kit, it comes all of the necessary mounting equipment for metal or wood doors, a comfort pad, instructions for how to install the door hardware and it even includes a door sign.

Will it scratch my alligator shoes?

This is an actual question from a middle school principal. While our intent was protection of the children, the principle was pleased to find that it did not scratch his shoes. The design of the hands free Footpull, including a pad, helps to prevent scratching. In fact, it is comfortable and easy enough to use for all ages and shoe types, and can even be used with sandals and flip flops.   


  • 69 million workers reported missing days due to illness, for a total of 407 million days of lost time at work and 22 million lost schooldays per year for students.
  • Nearly 1 in 10 of us will get food poisoning in the next year.
  • Footpull’s largest customers are food-preparation, technology and other companies where hygiene is of the utmost importance in their public restrooms. 
  • Failure to comply with hand hygiene is considered the leading cause of health care associated infections.


"Saw it at Rudy's in Round Rock, College Station and Spring, TX.. Passing information along to other 
companies I deal with.. Good  Idea!" Joey Sevy, USA

"Saw and used the Footpull in Covington, LA. at St. Tammany's Parrish Hospital...great product; keep it up!"  Jim Adair, New Orleans, LA

"Good Product; I see the benefit for health reasons. I used one at McDonalds yesterday. They don't have paper towels, only hand dryers, and I saw an employee use the footpull to exit. Thanks!" Julie McEvloy, Dallas, TX

"I used the footpull in Rudy's BBQ in Waco, TX. Cool way to leave the restroom without touching the 
door handle. This product should be everywhere, I can't believe there's not a law requiring this on all 
restrooms." Jonathan Barber, Texas

"I saw a 'Footpull' at a Rudy's BBQ in Albuequerque NM! I'm a  little bit of a germ-freak so i think these things are awesome" Austin Shepard, USA

"I saw it at Jimmy Buffetts Margaritaville in New Orleans while on vacation. I thought it was a genius idea. I wish I thought of it." Kim B., Kansas City, MO


Footpulls are currently being used by many schools, restaurants, labs and other business that care about hygiene. 

Following is a sampling of some of our customers, large and small:

RiverBend Brewery

Rockfish Grill

Shaw Industries

Starwood Hotels

Summitt Racing Equipment

Taco Bell

UConn Health Center


US Military



Whole Foods

PF Changs



Sarah Lee Bakeries

Buffalo Wild Wings

Carnegie Mellon

Rug Doctor


Corning Labs

Delta Airlines

Dick’s Last Resort


ExactCare Pharmacy

Festival Foods

Flying J Travel Centers

Full Sail Brewing

Godfather’s Pizza


Idexx Labs


Jason’s Deli

Lake Cross Veterinary Hospital

Lowes Home Improvement


Morey’s Steakhouse

Northrop Grumman

Notre Dame Food Services

Olympic Steel

Pepsico Beverage



Footpull Hands Free Door Opener